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Martin, Daniel DMartin at erac.com
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For a server, my suggestion would be MapServer, http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu
.  If the colo server has PHP support, then MapServer with the recently
released MapLab http://www.dmsolutions.on.ca/maplab.html might be what you
have in mind - although I must admit haven't tried MapLab out myself.  I do
use MapServer often and extensively though.

Both MapServer and MapLab (which depends on MapServer) are free open source

Hope that helps,

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Hello Alexander,

Thanks for the pointer to your abstract. I'm based in California, so won't
be able to attend the presentation. However, I wanted to bounce some ideas
off of you (and the rest of this list I've been lurking on):

I work with a volunteer run non-profit colocation center in California (we
think it might be the only non-profit one in the US!). As a day job, I do a
little GIS among other things. I know the need for interactive mapping is
great, so, I want to work on setting up some dedicated GIS mapping servers
at the colo. We're in a perfect position to do so, some talented systems
administrators onboard, lightning fast connections, and we've found it
relatively easy to get server donations. Hosting a server costs us
$50/month- most people pay in the form of donations.

I'm looking to set up something that is fairly low maintenance- non-profit
groups and individuals can upload their data, customize how it's displayed
on their individual map/site, and have it all hosted at the colo. The
eventual goal is to have everyone's data together. There would be a central
site where you can search through all the data, or select a location and
pull up what is available for that area, etc...I know there are some nodes
like this starting up- some are relatively developed, but we'd like to do
this at-cost, and ideally with free-software.

Do you have any suggestions/references/ or know others who are trying this
or something similar?

About the colo: http://www.communitycolo.org/

Also, if anyone is interested in this project, please let me know- it's
amazing what a few talented volunteers can accomplish!


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I just wanted to inform the freegis-list members that I will hold a
speech about 'Applied Geoinformation and Online-Mapping with Open-Source
Software' on Oct. 3rd at this years LinuxDas in Luxembourg.

You can find the presentation abstract here:




Institut fuer Geographie und Regionalforschung
Universitaet Wien
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University of Vienna
Cartography and GIS

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Tel: (+43 1) 4277 48644
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E-mail: alexander.pucher at univie.ac.at

FTP: ftp://ftp.gis.univie.ac.at
WWW: http://www.gis.univie.ac.at/karto
Atlas of Eastern and Southeastern Europe: http://www.aos.ac.at

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