StatistX on Red Hat 8

Andreas Beyer beyer at
Tue Jan 14 20:11:23 CET 2003


Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Has someone sucessfully run statistX on RedHat 8?
> Recently I had a couple of minutes at a foreign computer
> to try to install it. Building failed in the GToolSection,
> but I believe that maybe the snapshot of the libfoundation
> was not tuned to work with the new gcc that is coming with RedHat 8.
> I got strange warnings (that I did not record)
> when compiling it.
As far as I know, that gcc version had several bugs and was unable to 
compile the libFoundation. I think, Red Hat 8.1 and newer works.

By the way, I have heard that someone succesfully compiled StatistX on 
an IRIX 6.5 system. Unfortunately I do not have the binaries.

> I also found that the link to libFoundation-20010105.tar.gz
> from
> gives me a tarball which is uncompressed. Should be fixed sometimes I guess.
Thanks. Has been fixed.


   Dr. Andreas Beyer - beyer at

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