[Intevation News] Kolab 2.0 Groupware released!

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Tue Jun 21 00:59:31 CEST 2005

Available now: Kolab Server 2.0 and KDE Kolab Klient 2.0 stable.

Details can be found in the official pressrelease [1]
of the Kolab Project.

Intevation's CEO Bernhard Reiter is the current Kolab Project
coordinator. Being a part of the Kolab Konsortium, Intevation also
offers additional services for the Kolab solution. 

[1] http://www.kolab.org/news/pr-20050620.html
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DATELINE June 20th, 2005


Kolab 2 Groupware released

The Kolab Groupware Project (http://www.kolab.org) today announced the
immediate availability of Kolab 2, a reliable and extremely scalable
groupware solution for GNU/Linux that can replace Microsoft Exchange.
Beside emails, the solution empowers users to manage
and share their appointments, contacts and tasks.
without the necessity of being constantly online.

"With our focus on native offline-capable clients, Kolab 1
had brought a new approach to the groupware world,"
explains Bernhard Reiter, CEO of Intevation GmbH and project coordinator.
"With this second generation, users can
now share their groupware folders even with users that use Outlook when they
are using KDE and vice versa." Additional new features are support
for servers at several locations, usability, speed improvements,
support for spam-control and anti virus software.
The new stable release 2.0 has been about two years in coming
as 1.0 has been released in mid 2003. Beta versions of Kolab 2.0 
have undergone intensive testing in the last 6 months.

"Kolab owes its scalability to its concept", explains Martin Konold 
senior partner at erfrakon, who designed the Kolab architecture, 
"all groupware data is stored on the IMAP server in MIME structures 
instead of using a traditional database. 
Thanks to the smart client concept, most CPU-intensive operations 
are performed on the client. Cyrus, the chosen IMAP server software, 
also allows for an on-the-fly backup of the IMAP store."

The Kolab-Konsortium will present the Kolab Solution at LinuxTag in
Karlsruhe (Booth B81, Intevation GmbH) this week.
Additionally, Bernhard Reiter
will give a presentation on thursday, 13:00-14:00h.

Kolab has an active and growing community that can be reached via several
active mailinglists as well as the Kolab Wiki at http://wiki.kolab.org. 
Enterprise-level support is available from the Kolab Konsortium.

All daily administration tasks can be performed via a web interface. 
The OpenPKG environment makes the server easy to deploy on all kinds of 
GNU/Linux distributions and Unix derivates. Just like its predecessor,
Kolab 2 is based on well-proven Free Software server components,
such as Apache, Postfix, Cyrus imapd and OpenLDAP.

Windows users can keep their Outlook installation: The Toltec Connector 
2.0 turns Outlook into a fully-fledged Kolab 2 client at low cost. 
Additionally, a special convenience package of Kontact, the KDE Groupware
client, has been made available. It has undergone special testing
by the Kolab-Konsortium and can be used with KDE 3.2 and higher.
Users that cannot upgrade to KDE 3.4.1 should use this package
for client deployment. Kontact is a feature-complete Kolab 2 client.

"A unique property of the Kolab Project is that it uses existing
proven components and works very closely with the associated 
Free Software communities." says Kalle Dalheimer, CEO of
Klar?lvdalens Datakonsult AB, the company that did the actual
software implementation. "For example, our KDE Kolab client benefits
from the full S/MIME capabilities for email signatures and encryption
done by a different project."

In addition to the native clients a Kolab-compliant web interface
based on the Horde Framework is in beta stage
and will become available later in 2005.

About the Kolab Konsortium

The Kolab Konsortium was founded by Intevation GmbH, Klar?lvdalens 
Datakonsult AB and erfrakon Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, the creators of Kolab. 
The Konsortium offers courses, consultancy, 
development and enterprise-level support for the Kolab server and clients. 
It works together with Radley Network Technologies CC
(open file-format for the Toltec Connector) and Code Fusion CC.
Read more about the Kolab Konsortium at http://www.kolab-konsortium.de

Press Contact:

Bernhard Reiter
Georgstra?e 4
49074 Osnabr?ck
Phone: +49-541-3350830
Fax: +49-541-3350859
Email: info at kolab-konsortium.de

About KDE

KDE is a powerful Free Software graphical desktop environment for
GNU/Linux and Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, modern
functionality, and outstanding graphical design with the
technological superiority of the Unix operating system.
Read more about KDE at http://www.kde.org.

Press Contact:

Matthias Kalle Dalheimer
S-683 92 Hagfors
Phone: +46-563-540023
Fax: +46-563-540028
Email: info at kde.org

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