[Intevation News] Free GIS data converter edbsilon has been published.

Silke Reimer silke at intevation.de
Wed Jan 26 13:38:46 CET 2005

Free GIS data converter edbsilon has been published. 

Intevation GmbH has published a Free Software converter for the GIS data
format EDBS. This data format is especially known in Germany where it's
mainly used for cadastral data. The current version of edbsilon is 0.8.2.
It can be downloaded as GNU GPL software from Intevation's homepage.

edbsilon can be used for the initial migration of cadastral geodata as
well as for updates coming in BZSN-format. The EDBS-files will be
processed by scripts into SQL-commands for example for Oracle Spatial.
edbsilon can easily be adapted to EDBS variants coming from different
federal states or to application-specific table schemas. edbsilon is
plattform independent and has been tested on GNU/Linux and Windows.

edbsilon has been contracted by the administrative district Elbe-Elster in
Brandenburg, Germany.  "Existing tools didn't sufficiently comply to the
demands of our customer" explains Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner, management
director at Intevation. "In this case it has been more cost-effective for
our client to implement it anew than adapting existing Free Software."

It is planned to add new export interfaces to edbsilon such as
PostGIS/PostgreSQL and Shapefiles until the release of version 1.0.



	Silke Reimer  <silke.reimer at intevation.net>
	0541 33 508 32
	Intevation GmbH
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