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Homepage:        http://www.ebi.ac.uk/~ajb/jeeps/
Version:         0.1.3

New homepage. Previous was

The  JEEPS library is  intended as  both a  library and  a development
 system for GPS and related  software.
 It consists  of documented C  functions for communication  with GARMIN
 GPS devices  and for post-processing of the  information received. The
 library  also  contains  functions  for  conversion  of  datums  using
 Molodensky  and  cartesian  methods  and mapping  functions  including
 transverse  mercator  projections.    The  UTM  coordinate  system  is
 implemented  as are  other  more parochial  systems  including the  UK
 Ordnance Survey national grid (with map codes).
 Eighteen map projections and their inverses are given.
 NMEA data capture routines are included.
 An application (program)  is distributed with the library  in order to
 show the  library functionality and  how to use  it.

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