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Updated or new entry on FreeGIS.org: GISAR

Updated by: jan (2006-06-06 15:43:57)

Homepage:        http://gisar.sourceforge.net/ENG/Index.htm
Version:         Release_050306

This project completely changed its
contents and therefore the
main description has been exchanged.

Also a there is a new version.

This is a map internet web service based on a huge raster maps or satellite images for tracking and monitoring the mobile objects (cars etc) using GPS.

NOTE: FreeGIS was informed on March 7th 2003 
by the author that he has withdrawn the Free Software license and that GISAR is now proprietary Software.
At least release Release_300302 GISAR was under GNU GPL.
In 2006 the development as Free Software has been
started again, but with a different topic and contents.

Best regards

    Your FreeGIS Core Team.

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