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Updated or new entry on FreeGIS.org: wxapt

Updated by: jan (2006-06-01 15:06:26)

Homepage:        http://5b4az.mattsnetwork.co.uk/pages/apt.html
Version:         1.2

New Homepage. Previous was http://www.qsl.net/5b4az/pages/apt.html.

This is an APT satellite weather image decoder for Linux.
  It can decode APT images direct from the receivers audio
  o/p via the computers soundcard or from a file of
  recorded APT signal samples.
  Currently wxapt supports the NOAA-type and Meteor-type
  APT formats. wxapt automatically sets up the sound
  card and the mixers recording/capture volume to the
  correct level and then determines the type of satellite
  form the signature of its sync pulse train.
  wxapt is a simple non-interactive command line tool for
  the console and was designed to be efficient and suitable
  for running on low power machines using simpler processors
  like the Intel StrongArm and similar.
  For this reason wxapt uses only integer arithmetic for
  all processing and does not require linking to math
  libraries for calculations.
  There is also a GTK+-based user interface available which
  is called xwxapt.

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    Your FreeGIS Core Team.

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