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Updated or new entry on FreeGIS.org: Geographic Foundation Class

Updated by: jan (2006-03-08 02:08:23)

Homepage:        ftp://ftp.intevation.de/freegis/misc/gfc
Version:         0.9.1

The original homepage at
has gone.

A copy has been placed to FreeGIS ftp site.

GFC library is a set of C++ classes defining basic geographic data types,
 including points, lines, rectangles, circles, polylines, rings,
 complex polygons, rasters, and other atomic data types such as integer,
 real, varchar. GFC also features abstractions of timestamps and
 time series which are useful in capturing the dynamics of spatiotemporal
 data. The R-tree spatial indexing is supported through the GRtree
 and related classes. Several commonly used map projections are
 also provided in this library. A number of utility classes
 such as GXMLProcessor (for parsing XML files which are well-suited
 for transfering spatial meta data) and ESRI Shapefile reader are very
 useful for writing GIS applications.

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