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Updated or new entry on FreeGIS.org: Xrmap

Updated by: bernhard (2006-01-09 16:05:55)

Homepage:        http://frmas.free.fr/li_1.htm
Version:         2.33

Updated version 2.30 -> 2.33.
Bug fixes and feature enchancements.

Xrmap is a program running under X that can interactively
             display portions of the Earth, using the huge 
             CIA World Data Bank II.
             It features political boundaries, major and minor
             rivers, glaciers, lakes, canals, etc.A rather comprehensive data set of world cities and locations -
          about 20000 cities are listed can also be used.
             Eight projections are implemented,
             and all features can be interactively set from the GUI.
          The earlier Xrmap-1.x was originally derived from the rmap console utility.

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