Paul Silbergleit

Paul is a jazz musician living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. He plays his acoustic jazz guitar sensitive and with a lot of energy. You can hear him in the local clubs in Milwaukee and especially on the east site where he lives.

Paul gives you permission to share the following songs with your friends.

  • Silberglicity [ ogg ] (5MB)
  • The Brady Street Blues [ ogg ] (5MB)
Copyright 1996 by Silberspoon Productions. Composed by Paul Silbergleit.

Album Silberglicity

Paul produced Silberglicity himself in March and April 1996. Both songs above are from this album. If you enjoy the music, please consider ordering the CD.

"My New Attitude"

In August 2003 Paul released his second album "My New Attitude"! Read about the new tunes, upcoming gigs and more on (requires flash 6).

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