pyshapelib branch

Bram de Greve bram.degreve at
Thu Mar 15 23:45:37 CET 2007

I've just committed some more changes to my branch.  Noteworthy are the
folowing changes:

- FTLogical is now also supported as a Python Bool.
- When using shapes with a measurement M value, None is also accepted as
input to represent the no-data.  Internally it is stored as zero.  ESRI
defines any M value smaller than 1e-38 as no-data.  On the "output" side,
the zero is not converted to None again though.  the original shapelib
doesn't seem to be no-data aware and messes up the extents, so there's
troubles there anyway.
- where appropriate, added name and mode keywords to mimic Python's file()
- reformatted the doc strings a bit so it gets a standard look and feel when
the module is parsed through pydoc.

I guess where getting close to bumping up the version, merging back with the
main branch (after testing of course ;), and doing a seperate release of
pyshapelib.  Unless we still want to do something about the internal Unicode
support (currently it's still ASCII only, dbf specs don't really support
Unicode, see other thread).  And I also need to restore the "legal" headers

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