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Bram de Greve bram.degreve at
Wed Mar 14 00:37:47 CET 2007

Hi Didrik,

I'm planning my update in stages.  First I'm getting rid of SWIG in favour
of hand-crafted bindings. I've done that now for shapelib.  I will do it for
dbflib as well, and then I'm going to add the support for Z and M values to

Though I am cheating a little bit, I've already added part_types() and
__repr__ to SHPObject (__repr__ returns a string that can reconstruct the
object when feeded to eval())

Can you specifically test for the Unicode issues.  The python documentation
says that Unicode should be supported by the methods I've used, but if this
is really true, I do not know (yet).  I haven't tried =)

I'm gonna try to build the branch using your new


On 3/14/07, Didrik Pinte <dpinte at> wrote:
> Bram,
> I've just downloaded the pyshapelib branch and tested thuban with it.
> The tests runs fine. The UI behaves greatly.
> I've updated the Thuban script. It's in the branch. It builds
> fine.
> Do someone else plan to test this branch ?
> Bram, do you also plan to update the dbflib part of the library ?
> Didrik
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