[solved] wxproj.cpp and wx2.5

Daniel Calvelo Aros dcalvelo at minag.gob.pe
Tue Feb 15 08:43:02 CET 2005

Hi all.

I finally got around asking in wxPython-users about the problems with
wxproj.cpp and 2.5. Robin Dunn gently and promptly gave the answer, which is,
I paraphrase:
there are built-in methods in wxPython to get object addresses, don't try to
use the 'address' given by the repr.

I attach the patch that finally allows thuban to show the Iceland examples
without segfaulting.

But (and it's a big one) it needs a set of headers that are included in the
source tarball of wxPython but e.g. not in the debian packages. I'll fill a
reportbug on the matter, but I'm afraid the situation might be the same for
other platforms and distributions. It's the include/wx/wxPython/wxPython.h
file and all its dependencies, for the record.

What it means practically is that 'python setup.py build' won't work (in
Debian so far) with the patch applied.

I'm not sure what should be done about it. Include the corresponding files in
thuban's tarball? Lobby wxPython packagers to include it? Extract the strictly
needed definitions and prototypes?

BTW, I also had problems with Unicode e.g. in the "About" box.

-- Daniel Calvelo Aros

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