recode implementation (was: recode, get sample, and get columns)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Thu Aug 11 16:47:01 CEST 2005

Hi Jakson,

Am 24. Jun 2005 um 07:51:24 schrieb Jakson A. Aquino:
> I developed some tools for Statist while trying to
> use the PNAD database. 

first: Thanks again for these nice efforts.

> one to recode a Statist
> data file (recode.c). I also wrote the first draft
> documentation for the three programs. 

> recode.c is bigger and more
> complex, and, probably, it would be better to keep
> it as a separate file.

I had a peek at the documentation and have two comments:

	As you can see from --bernhard, I tried to recreate new long
        options with the convention that they should start with a "--"
        and not just a "-". For the new options we might as well use "--"
	as their is no need for backward compability.

        I ask myself if using "awk" or python for this kind of reformatting
        would be better as it is more general and not much more verbose.
        Or the other way around: What is the advantage of using Statist
        for this?

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