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Gettext support is working on DOS with ibintl3.dll which
is one of the GnuWin32 packages. The compilation was
done with MinGW gcc that comes with Dev-C++.

On Windows I couldn't set the LOCALEDIR in the Makefile.
The LOCALEDIR is always defined as integer, and not as
string as happens on Linux.  The solution that I found was
to use a fix place for catalogs: %WINDIR%/locale. However,
I'm not sure that the environment variable %WINDIR% is
defined in all versions of Windows.

I didn't find on the Internet an "official" solution to
the problem of accents on DOS.  However, the accents are
correctly displayed (on Windows 98) if we use iconv to
convert the charset encoding of the po files to cp850 but
keep the information "CHARSET=iso8859-1" in the po file
header. This works for the messages displayed in the DOS
window. The 12 messages sent to gnuplot have to be
converted back to iso-8859-1 in the po files.

I couldn't solve the accents problem in CygWin. A letter
ä, for example, is being displayed as "a. I have two sed
scripts to strip the accents from letters. One for German
(ü, for example, becomes ue) and other for the other
languages (ü becomes u). I can put the scripts on the po
directory. Or would it be better to add them to another
place, like a web page with contributions for Statist?

> One idea of not making gettext a necessity were
> very old systems (286) or embedded systems with smaller c-libraries,
> like dietlibc that might not have gettext.

I used a pre-compiled binary of libintl, but certainly it
would be possible to compile the library in small C
systems. Indeed, libintl is small. However, libiconv isn't
and perhaps using libintl as it is currently implemented
would turn small systems into big ones. But I believe that
it would not be difficult to create a special version of
libintl without using libiconv, and using only the 26
English letters, like the Statist language macros (but I
don't intend to try creating this libintl). With
Western European languages it would work reasonably well
and the systems would stay small. It's very easy to strip.


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