[Freegis-list] Time Zones

Nathaniel naptrel at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 4 14:03:42 CEST 2006

Does anyone know if there is a free (or inexpensive)
GIS dataset available which describes the world's time
zones (the more local quirks included, the better)

It seems like it should be a common requirement for
many GIS systems---enabling the system to map a
lat/lon to an offset from utc---but I've searched the
internet and come up empty handed...well, almost:

I did find references to an ESRI data set, but the
link was defunct and I can't find the data on the ESRI

I also found a link to:


which looks like it may have what I'm after, but the
link to the data set is unresponsive. Also, does
anyone know of a way to get proprietary Manifold data
(polygons, I presume?) into a Postresql/Postgis database?

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