[Freegis-list] pocket GIS

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Mar 22 03:25:04 CET 2005

Thanh Le Phuoc wrote:
> Dear list,
> I am looking for an open source develop tool for pocket - GIS. Is there
> any research on that? We intend to develop a small application to
> display street map on pocketPC.

SuperWaba is a Java-like development environment for building 
cross-platform apps for PDAs: http://www.superwaba.com.br/en/default.asp

They used to be fully open source but unfortunately at v5.0 they have 
restricted the open source license only to non-commercial use, and 
require a low-cost license fee for commercial use.

There are some classes available for GPS support, but other than that I 
don't think there are any GIS development libs for SuperWaba 
unfortunately. It would be great to see some developments happening on 
that front. I've used Superwaba for regular form-based apps and it works 
great, and the apps really do work as well on a Palm as on a PocketPC, 
and should in theory run on Linux PDAs but I didn't verify that.

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