[Freegis-list] Open Access to Geospatial Data

Maurizio Trevisani M.Trevisani at arpat.toscana.it
Sun Aug 21 15:59:46 CEST 2005

Coul'd you help me?
Where can I find samples of licence, similar tu the ones available for
open source software (GPL, MPL, and so on), for geospatial data?
Is there a site similar to http://www.opensource.org/licenses/index.php
specifically about geodata?
Maurizio Trevisani

Jo Walsh wrote:

>Very few world citizens enjoy open access to the information that
>describes their surroundings; particularly the geospatial data
>collected and brokered by their National Mapping Agencies, an
>essential framework for understanding civic information of all kinds.
>* All government-collected geodata should be open,
>  that is, available for free distribution
>  and re-use under a ShareAlike license.
>* Online mapping projects creating freely reusable geodata
>  should offer a compatible open license.
>* Common, standard formats for describing and exchanging data
>  should be adopted.
>* Ultimately, all state-collected information
>  should be freely available,
>  in a structured machine-readable format.
>An open data policy has economic benefits in terms of reduced cost and
>increased innovation; it facilitates e-government and citizen engagement.

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