[Freegis-list] reading 32 bit/sample tiffs

dallas.masters@colorado.edu dallas.masters at colorado.edu
Thu Aug 18 17:24:04 CEST 2005

I recently downloaded a NED 1/3 elevation Geotiff file from the USGS
SDDS (Seamless...).  The Geotiff has 32 bit/sample according to
tiffinfo, but I can't find anything simple (on Linux) which will read
this file or convert it to an 8 bit/sample file.  Any ideas?  Any
reason why USGS would distribute such a format?  Thanks.

Dallas Masters, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Aerospace Engineering Sciences
CB 431 / CCAR
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0431
(303) 492-4075

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