[Freegis-list] Re: Free 3D viewer for maps on Planet format

Terracopter TS info at terracopter.com
Thu Sep 9 17:26:44 CEST 2004

> I couldn't find any hint that this is free-as-in-freedom software.  

Sorry if I missed some requirement regarding this mailing list. I was 
looking for some place on the Internet to post an announcement for "you-do-not-
have-to-send-us-money-to-use-it" software. Actually someone else on some forum 
suggested I should post here. 

If the moderator of this mailing list feels the way you do I'd would not have 
any problem whatsoever seeing the post deleted & I will not post announcements 
here again. Or I'd be happy to edit the post - if that was possible.
> Not only that but you also have to register as a user of their web site
> to be able to download it.

The reason is that we want to have some kind of idea of how many people are 
sufficiently interested and more or less in which businesses. What on earth is 
wrong with that?

> Since personal information has become a good nowadays this could even be
> considered a payment (you pay with your good name ;)

Strongly disagree. You "pay" with any name you like, not necessarily the "good 
one". Some members "pay" with usernames such as "abc def" and email addresses 
as "abc12345 at hotmail.com". We have no problem with that. Some people WANT to be 
seen and other do not. We offer both possibilities. The same applies when 
posting to this mailing list.

> Consider releasing the source code under some OSI certified license and
> we are back in busines ;)

We might to that in time. I'll ask you guys about the phrasing of the 
announcement ;-)

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