[Freegis-list] new project for sewer-systems

Cornelius Faßhauer cfasshauer at web.de
Wed Feb 21 09:19:53 CET 2001

Dear list-members,

I am a german civil engineer working on sewer-management-projects. I think, there´s a need for simple remote data-access tools for this and not much software available. Therefore i´d like to launch a new OpenSource-project concerning the internetwise-management of sewer-systems using Java and SVG/XML-Standards. The first step will be the development of the following components:
-a net-viewer (Java-Applet) showing SVG-Drawings and XML-Data, based on existing software like the CSIRO-SVGViewer or maybe the batik-project by the apache-group (some good wheels are invented).
-an input converter to read the ISYBAU-Formats (ASCII-Formats, german standard for the exchange of sewer-data)and put it into some GIS/Database (GRASS/POSTGRESQL ?)
-an output converter to produce appropriate XML/SVG-files out of the GIS/Database. The structure of these files still have to be discussed.
I´d like to invite everybody interested in sewer-systems to join the project or just to tell me, that he or she cares about that kind of stuff. The concepts may as well be used for example for water-supply-nets or other things i have no idea of.
I am planning to start a WebSite of my own this summer. Up to then I´d like to post a brief HTML-Outline (German language, translators welcome) of the project in some place where it can be found by the right people. Could it be placed in the freegis-projects-category??

By the way: I´d like to call the project "INKA", which stands for "INternet KAnalmanagement". Are there any conflicts with names of existing projects, software or organisations??

So long, thanks for your interest

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